About the Project

Once Upon a Time had taken five years to make, firstly by training Palestinian youth on the art of interviewing elders in their villages and local area. Over three summers we trained 60 youth and equipped them with the skills and equipment to interview elders in their village thus engaging them in the process of creation. The result is 60 hours of interviews of over 100 elders from 50 villages across Palestine.

The Virtual Reality Documentary is a journey through a pre 1948 Palestinian village and the old city of Jerusalem, once you put on the headset you are immediately transported into a 3D reconstructed village as you click on object true to life storytellers will tell you stories inspired by the interviews collected by the youth.

The Augmented Reality Documentary complements this experience by allowing you to browse through an album of old photos from Palestine and experience the same stories but now in context to the images and the elders who told that story.

The Interactive Web Documentary allows the users to watch a selected set of those interviews classified by categories of tradition, music, food, and location.


22 June – 31 August, 2019
Memoire De L'avenir - Memory of The Future, Paris, France

Credits & Thank You

Written & Directed by Sohail Dahdal

With the help of the following students from the American University of Sharjah:

Laila Alkaf

Yousuf Islam
Maryam Moustafa
Tala Touckley
Amanda Varghese
Ahmed Geaissa
Nada Aldash

Props Design
Aishah Mohamed Nazeer

Web Design
Stephanie Goveas
Youssef Bouz

Web & Unity Developers
Youssef Bouz
Asif Rasheed
Nasir Khalid

Video Editors
Laila Alkaf
Nourhan Samara
Omnia Saleh
Mariam Ali

Samya Ayish
Halema Ayish
Hanna Ayish
Child Diana Afanah
Kais Douier
Mohammed Abdelbary
Jude Al-Khalil
Layan Aboshkier
Jumana Abu hasanein
Samuel Ayad Metry

English Voice Over
Laila Alkaf
Mohammad Alkaf

Palestinian youth who shot the interview with the elders:
Enas Waleed Abu Rammoz
Rand Bader
Sanabel Al-Moraqtan
Asmaa Mostafa Shalash
Sabreen Imad Ozrail
Bashaer Tareq Othman
Jomana Natsheh
Tamer shaqour
Sayf Addin Hamarsheh
Foz Sami Jaber
Omar Jadbeh
Fida Shafi
Tuqa Hannoon
Karam Abu Snaineh
Ibrahim Zamara
Ruba Ahmed Abuhussein
Rand Montaser Bakeer
Nafeseh Yassein
Yara Sameh Alqubaj
Raghad Al Juneidi
Mohammad Abu Fardeh
Suhair Zablah
Muna Elkurd
Mohammed Khalil Mlehat
Shereen Nader Edden
Wedad Mohammad Awrtani
Ibrahim Ayman Muhtaseb
Ro'ya Ghassan Abu Rass
Firyal M Qaquor
Jaber Abu Zain
Hala Al-wazani

Thank you for your generous support!
American University of Sharjah
Sharkey Youth Forum
UNESCO Heritage Fund
The United Nations Population Fund
All the generous supporters that crowd funded the youth camera kits

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Al Araby

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